The mystery of Georgian wine lies in its simplicity and splendor. Vine has always been the muse of a Georgian man. Nobody knows exactly when the Georgian man started to cultivate it, to love it. But one thing is clear, wine followed the Georgian man, rejoiced with him and was filled up. For centuries it grew prettier, wiser and quieter.

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Our History



Teliani Worldwide

The history of Teliani Valley dates back to the 19th century, when the emperor’s brother, Mikhail Romanov ordered an ample wine cellar be built on the premises of the old wine cellar and Aleksandre Chavchavadze’s wine factory.


The Origin


The Winemaker from Bordeaux

In 1880s, a winemaker from Bordeaux, Antoin Mossano was invited to the wine cellar. Mossano stayed in Georgia for 9 years and he was the first winemaker to start experimenting with a mix of Georgian grape varieties and European winemaking techniques, and visa versa. He initiated the growing of numerous French grape varieties in Georgia.

From new varieties, Cabernet-Sauvignon grapes grown on Teliani Valley proved especially successful. Mossano made a new wine called “Teliani” and sent the first bottle to the emperor. It read: “Cabernet-Sauvignon from Teliani Valley, 1893, Antoin Mossano”.


The First Bottle


The Taste of Success

The wine garnered a great deal of praise. Thus, a tiny plot of land in Kakheti was made famous by “Teliani” and Mossano. In the old wine cellar of Tsinandali you can still find “Teliani” wine from various vintages, along with other French-Georgian wines and cognacs.

Nowadays, Aleksandre Chavchavadze’s estates holds the vineyards of Teliani Valley. We maintain the tradition of excellence and offer our customers wines made from ancient grape varieties, in accordance with both traditional and Georgian-European techniques.


The Future Inspired by the Past