The mystery of Georgian wine lies in its simplicity and splendor. Vine has always been the muse of a Georgian man. Nobody knows exactly when the Georgian man started to cultivate it, to love it. But one thing is clear, wine followed the Georgian man, rejoiced with him and was filled up. For centuries it grew prettier, wiser and quieter.

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Wine Tours

Wine Tours

“Teliani Valley” winery situated in Telavi, Kakheti, the region of Georgia richest with wine, offers various types of wine tours all year round.


Teliani Valley winery tour is available all year round;


In autumn, our guests are welcome to join us in Rtveli (Harvest Ceremony)


“Teliani Valley” Winery Tour

Teliani Valley winery tour lasts for an hour. During the tour, you can learn about the history of Georgian wine and the winemaking process, have a look at the receiving, pressing and cooling units of the winery and check out the bottling process too.

At “Teliani Valley” oenotheque, you will get a chance to learn about the ancient traditions of winemaking and taste the wines from some of the best vintages.



Rtveli is the celebration of harvest, fertility and prosperity. In winemaking, Rtveli is the main event of the year. Our employees take the preparations very seriously, arranging the traditional vessels for grape picking called Godoris, weaving the new ones and restoring the old ones.


The harvesting of grapes begins roughly at the same time everywhere, and it lasts from dawn to late evening, accompanied by singing, music and all kinds of festivities. Once picked, the grapes are pressed by foot, in accordance with an ancient Georgian custom.


After the grapes have been picked and pressed, it’s time for “Zaotoba”, or the distillation of Chacha. In the meantime, the meat is barbequed, the bread is baked, and for dessert, Kakhetian bebos dip nuts into Tatara to make Churchkhela, involving the guests and giving them some fresh, warm Churchkhelas to take home. The visitors are welcome to partake in every part of Rtveli.

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